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Thanks so much for the response. I got to fish twice while I was there. Once at Hunting Park off the pier. Threw the ultra light and caught some trout. Wanted to fish the jetties on the beach but ran out of time. Then went out with a guy that my wife hooked me up with thru her work. We fished a piece of Paris Island. Took a while but we found the trout in about ten foot of water about 3/4 the way thru a falling tide. Got a few on spin and some on the fly. Had white caps most of the morning. Saw a lot of small sharks cruising the shorelines and shallow breaks.

I think I'm going to enjoy the area and the fishing it has to offer. Got a lot to do before I can get moved there but I'll be back from time to time. Hope to catch one of the Sea Island Fly Fisher meetings.


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