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I got out OK. Jeremy , and the 2 bros. Matt and Roger and another guy helped out. I just moved my pack from where someone placed it on the back of the boat to beside the car so I "wouldn't forget it" . and that's what I did. I'll send a list of some of the stuff besides the 70-80 flies that were in it. Some of the stuff that was in it I can't do without due to my loss of dexterity due to the PD , which are some knot tying tools and a fly threader. I'll pretty much be out of comission for a while till I can replace some stuff. I don't want to borrow any stuff due to the chance that I would either break or lose it, but thanks anyway. The rest of the gear was pretty much the usual stuff like tippet, leader, payette paste, indicater yarn, scissors, forceps, etc..... Hopefully the bag will turnup.


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