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Smile Continued

Here is a shot of Steve working a pool in the rain. This was the second round that showed up accompied by thunder and a little lightning just at the point the stream is furthest from the trail

After some more fishing the rain finally blew through, and I thought I had come up to some trash

After taking a look at the GPS in this location I realized it was someone's out marker, and marked where the stream comes back close to the trail. I just left it. If it's yours I would love to ask a question.

Well it turns out I wasn't the only one hooking a double today. Here's Steve with his multiple catch

As we continued to work upstream, the surroundings were getting better and better.

We caught a few more of these guys, and soon neared our exit point.

As we got withing 1/4 mile of our exit point, I reminded Steve of the arrow we were looking for. Freddie must not have maintained it, or maybe I missed it, but all I saw was RHODO

Since this was only the second time I was out with Steve, I didn't look forward to telling him we were going to have to do a little belley crawling (thinking we had a decent out) to get through the rhodo. We broke down our rods and I explored a route. Luckily we only had to belley crawl for 30 feet or so where we were able to just duck and work through the rest. After a short climb we were back on the trail

As we hiked back, we heard a big snap from a tree branch, only to get to see a bear go from 60- 80 feet in the air to the ground in less than 2 seconds down a tree. I knew thay climbed trees, but didn't realize how agile they are, and this was no cub. I grabbed my camera, but it was gone in a flash. We hiked back to the car where I though it was a little before 5 only to find it was 7:40 Yikes, I said I'd be back for dinner, and Steve was supposed to be grilling for family that was in town. The Smokies seems to always distort my time perception.

Another Great day in the GSMNP

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