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Guys, thanks.
Just got back today we had a good day fishing. I'm not much of a fish counter. Over 10 and under 20. All were nice sized fat trout with good colors and looked very healthy.

We fished the pools below the weir dam and below the bridge. Went across the island and fished that side for a while but fishing was better in the other channel.

There was a sulpher hatch going on and some other brown mayflies coming off. I didn't see fish keying in on them. My buddies were trying to match that hatch and not having success.

I stuck with #20 parachute adams and a #20 thread midge about 18-20" below the dry fly and had pretty good luck. Most tailwaters I've fished midges seem to do pretty well so that's what I stuck with.

Bottom-line, it was a good day fishing. On a Saturday there were a lot of people fishing, but I still had enough room to do my thing without crowding anyone. Most of the fishermen seemed to be polite. On that kind of water, people are always closer than I would find comfortable in the Park or on some mountain streams but they were not "pay laking" the way I've seen on other tail waters (pay laking = see a guy catch a fish and everyone comes shoulder to shoulder in the same stretch of water - wasn't sure if that is a Kentucky term or if it's used in Tennessee too.. )

Thanks for the tips and pointers.

What I found that day was just basic fishing skills.
shorter casts
high sticking
good drift and presentation
keep it simple
catch fish.

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