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Originally Posted by William View Post
Went up to the Clinch about an hour before sunset yesterday. Hooked up with 2 fish but lost them I only shared sunset pics.

On a side note, I was using a sulphur and there were rises everywhere, but not too many takes. Is it too late in the season for sulphurs? What is another good dry fly?
Nice pictures William! Thanks for sharing them. I am a big dry fly fan as well. It is super challenging to fish them on the Clinch. However; I the sulphurs are still coming off sporadically at times. I especially love to throw dries at Sunset to Dusk.

Some tips:
  1. use Gink Wet to coat your tippet about 10" to your fly. Do not get on the fly. I just take the cap off and slide the tip around the pointed tip to coat it.
  2. Then; apply Gink Dry-Gel to your dry fly.
  3. Apply a desiccant powder after that to keep it floating once it starts to lose its buoyancy. Or you can just squeeze it in your dry fly patch.
Fish it with short reach casts to a rise and twitch it to induce strikes.
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