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I'm personally not a big fan of "big hydro" when it comes to HOW they operate OUR rivers anywhere in OUR country.

Earlier this year I really enjoyed fishing the Clinch a few times and found the fish chunky & strong with beautiful coloration.... by all accounts HEALTHY.

Now I read reports of fish appearing "starved" to an un-healthy condition.

More like a food problem than pollution. POOP means bigger fish unless it is "chemical"

That said WHEN TVA operates the Clinch with high flows, then YO-YO flows and then minimum flows and later on only pulse flows it stands to reason that a great many INSECTS would logically be stranded on river bottom that becomes EXPOSED to dry conditions and they die.

IMO not enough CONSTANT MINIMUM FLOW; the Clinch needs to have a HIGHER minimum flow so more of the river bottom remains UNDER WATER at ALL times.

No YANKEE comments please. BUT... In Maine I fought for years with BIG HYDRO to increase minimum flows below dams so more of the river bottom was "wetted" between generating flows. "THEY" meaning hydro and the various state & federal agencies consider this "wasting water" but in the end WE (Kennebec Valley TU) won with the FERC and higher minimums prevailed thus wetting more river bottom and restoring more habitat.

So; IF YOU want things to CHANGE you must bitch about it, raise money for INDEPENDENT experts and negotiate... You will get nowhere with the State TWRA but it is very likely you could win over the FEDS like USF&WS and NMFS as well as others in Interior & Commerce.

Just sayin.... I've personally done it many times BUT it takes $$$$$$ & commitment and a large constituency that gives a ****.... got [guts]?

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