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Originally Posted by mikebone View Post
I do know when fishing declines in certain areas, fishermen move to different areas, and not all of them are dedicated to conservation. Take a ride to the upper end these days and you'll see what I mean.
I second this point.
  • The upper end is getting hammered with fish mongers who are focusing on prime feeding lies. They are constantly carrying out their allotment and more daily. I see tons of fish being harvested in the slot. I have called TWRA and let the know on many occasions. I do wish they would put up some new signs about the slot. Maybe some metal or pvc-type signs.
  • Another issue that has not been discussed is trout stocking. I think most of the TWRA stockings were quickly snatched up at the ramps by fishing mongers within a week after being released. It would be a good idea to make a temporary no fishing zone within a 100 yards or something while this is going on.
  • Also; I believe it would be beneficial to see a harvest limit of one brown trout a day on the Clinch.
I think it is great to discuss river issues and to voice our opinions. The public and fishermen are the best resources for evaluating the true health of the river.

I would rather try and work with TWRA/TVA to make the Clinch a better fishery and to help them fulfill their needs. I know TWRA has been hit hard with funding issues the last few years and they are stretched super thin. It would be nice to see them get some Federal Grants.
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