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Originally Posted by TNBigBore View Post
For the 100th time, this is simply not true. [He] is a bright guy and knows what he is doing.
You're right only a bright guy and someone who knows what they are doing would make these statements...

1) the Clinch fish are thin because of post spawn weight loss.
-never mind he has preached forever fish don't spawn in the clinch, so how do they lose weight when according to him they don't spawn?
- never mind that any cold water fisheries person knows that rainbows spawn in jan/feb and that by June all signs would be gone of spawning stress.

2) pressure has no impact on the quality of the fish in the clinch.
-never mind the fact that he lobbied for and spoke a year later about how a slot limit would improve the quality of the fishery due to the pressure.

Those are just two quick examples of how amazingly unqualified he is for the job. Bart Carter appears to be the only one who is worth having around.

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