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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Not trtying to upset anyone; yes everything fought for over the years BUT fighting for a change in flow regime does take a lot of [guts].... TVA would be WASTING WATER... and that means no money and that is a really tough sell.
Anytime the generators are running water isn't being wasted, TVA only wastes water when they spill or sluice, and at those times they are happy to waste water because of flood control.

Again, you speak out when you fail to realize that during the 90's there was a very vocal group of fly fisherman who pushed for higher minimums on the Clinch, then again in the late 90's we pushed for more more water above the weir after some adjustments were made by TVA resulted in the weir pool basically drying up after an hour of no generators.

You do not understand how many battles have been fought and won with regards to the Clinch.

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