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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I have met Corbo and we have discussed the topic of pro-active conservation. I do not think he was alluding to a lack of activism in the past. I believe he was only trying to relay some of his experience with these type of issues. I may be wrong. Corbo; please clarify if I misspoke. He is a recent transplant to East Tennessee and I am sure unaware of all the activism it took previously to better the Clinch fishery. Also, I think he would be a good asset and well versed with these type of issues to help with improvement issues.

Hopefully; the people that care and are willing can pool resources for voicing needed changes.

Also; I for one appreciate all the hard work and dedication in the past from activists that have worked hard on these type of issues. I say THANKS!
The wording of [snip] pretty much implies that he believes that none of us who have spoken up have the [guts] to do anything other than speak out here and aren't willing to take on the powers such as TVA and TWRA.

I am not upset by any means, and just wanted to make it crystal clear that many of us have been extremely vocal over the years and will continue to do so when issues arise.

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