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Once we got to the top, the horses and the riders got a much needed break......

That's my retard horse, Samson. He knew I hated him from the beginning I think. He would randomly stop and refuse to go again, he would ride very close to EVERY tree and overhanging bush just to piss me off, and he would stop and eat along the trail while he needed to be walking. I was more than ready to get back to the stable and the chick taking the horses wasn't bad on the eyes either....

Rounded out the trip in Asheville for Bele Chere, big mistake. I have never been around so many smelly hippies in my life. I did finally find a beer I had been searching for since day one of my arrival. This stuff was unbelievably hard to find, but it was worth the trouble. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know fruity beer isn't popular with some folks, but this was very subtle. It took almost a half of the can before I could start tasting hints of watermelon.

Walked down and listened to Yo Mamma's Big Fat Booty Band. Got a little second-hand high going and called it quits there.

Got back and tried another new beer.....I liked it

With all that out of the way, time was made for fishing. Although it was when I could go rather than planning it out ahead of time, I caught some fish. The first stream was a local stream that has wild fish and is hatchery-supported. It was running a little high and off-color, but not bad. As soon as I walked down to the stream I saw a brown holding right in the middle.

One well placed fly and drift and game on....

I got him in pretty quick and sent him on his way...

As I walked down, I caught a couple more smaller ones.....(yes I resorted to a san juan worm)

It was good to be in the water and fishing.....

Caught a stocker brookie after he missed the fly 3 or 4 times....
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