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The further I worked up the more off-color the water got.

I managed to pull a small bow out of that pool.

I neared the end point of my wade and came across a nice overhang. There has to be a fish under there. I caught two small browns and pulled one out that was a bit bigger before calling it quits.

Even though most were stockers, that was the first time I have caught all 3 species in one stream, so that was cool.

The next day I bartered for a morning alone in the park. The stream I wanted to fish was a no go due to trail closures. So I opted for another spot down low before I headed up high.

On the way in, I had that uneasy feeling that I wasn't alone. I heard some branches breaking and noticed this beast just in front of me standing as still as a statue. What a way to start the morning, a huge bull elk! This has to be a good sign...

Well, the fishing wasn't stellar. I caught lots of small bows, but that's it.

Caught what appeared to be a stonefly beginning to emerge.

I decided if I am going to catch tiny trout, they might as well be the real gem of the mountains. I had to fish another stream that I have fished before, but is small even for smoky streams. A brief hike up a trail...
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