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Shawn those are all really good ideas and points, and I do not disagree with any of them. I would love to see them implemented and watch the river react to the changes.

With regards to TWRA/TVA. TVA has done far more good than bad for the river, situations are going to occur with river operations that can be challenging for the fisheries. I understand that and am fine with it, but do wish to try and work with TVA amiably to make sure those issues can be prevented if possible.

TWRA is fine as well as a whole, but their coldwater fisheries group is a travesty and probably the worst managers imaginable for our resources. Over the years they prove time after time that they are essentially clueless about how to manage coldwater fisheries, and constantly demonstrate their lack of knowledge about coldwater fisheries as a whole.

Here is another gem from [TWRA staff] from this past Saturday...Apparently he was adamant that the fish in the Holston below Cherokee never survive and all die every year due to water temps. Anyone who has ever spent much time over there knows just how false this statement is, and that only an uneducated bafoon would preach this stuff.

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