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Well; interesting observations fellows.

I believe most biologists OFFER "OBSERVATIONS" OR OPINIONS to justify the need for their job.... most spend less time on any given water than those who fish it regularly.

The notion that there are no "holdover trout" in the Holston is Bull$h!+; I caught an enormous number of plus 20 inch fish at Nance's this year fishing my "secret weapon fly">


That said it is perhaps time to get the FACTS from an independent source who has no horse in the race, meaning not TVA or TWRA.

In Maine WE (Kennebec Valley TU won a lot during the re-licensing of many Dams with FACTS from real experts.

My thoughts are that it's a ****ed shame that outside of the TU effort in the Smokies (great thanks to Byron & company) the TU effort on other rivers in East TN is not so good (just my observation as a newbie to these waters).

SHAWN; I love you man and all of you who are passionate fly fishers who love and enjoy rivers..... but are you a members of TU? Do you bust your butt for the protection, enhancement and conservation of our cold-water fisheries or wish only to complain that the biologist is an idiot (I won't argue that one).

I ask this of all of you?

If you want to CHANGE the situation on the Clinch what are YOU prepared & willing to do?

IMO I've never given anything until I felt I have suffered for it physically, emotionally or financially or spent a lot of my time giving.

Jeezum; I really wished I lived closer to the Clinch instead of freaking Sevier County...... I'm jealous of those who can casually run down to this river any time they have a free moment and enjoy a really great fishery. If I lived in the neighborhood I would likely fall in love with the place and in short order become one of it's greatest advocates.

I could show you how to get everything you want but none of you ever want to join me. bummer.
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