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Corbo, TWRA tried to "unbiased" approach however they hired a shill for them to do a study, which years after the fact, is still a good comedy piece for those with much knowledge of the Clinch fishery. That study was [snip] a complete waste of resources.

The TU chapters that work on the Smokies streams have done some great work over the years, and I participated for 10+ years with the Acid deposition stuff before becoming too busy guiding to have time to help anymore.

With that said (and this will piss some off, but oh well), The Clinch Chapter which my father, myself and a handful of other started deteriorated into nothing more than an extension of LUCRO. Which is the bane of quality trout fishing in the CLinch, they were the group who fought vehemently to overturn the Quality Zone and many of the members seem to ignore the current slot limits out of spite. Once the 2 organizations became intertwined, any hopes of having a local TU voice for the Clinch was gone.

They did some good projects in their minds, but for the health of the river probably hurt a lot. The tire removal efforts removed hundreds if not thousands of tires which provided much needed habitat and bottom structure. Sure they are ugly, and may not be ideal to have in the river, but they provided isolated cover for insects, invertebrates, and fish. I actually helped several times with the aid of my drift boat in removing these tires, so I am a little guilty.

I will leave with a positive thing the Clinch Chapter accomplished, they were able to persuade Donnie Scruggs to allow them to fix his bank and stabilize damage done by years of cattle entering and exiting the river. What was done worked and worked well, and for that they deserve credit.
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