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We stayed in 3 different places on Andros. We rent a room, generally with a meal package and book a guide independently, usually for half days. It's hot in summer and the fish leave the flats after lunch. You can get a nice clean air conditioned room on Andros for about $125 a day and a meal plan for $50 per person in summer. Of course you can spend a lot more too. We generally mix it up and stay economy for a few days and splurge a few. Half day guiding costs $250 a day. We usually fish every other day while we are there. Stephen Vletas's book is a great resource on places to stay and visit. All in all, even with a guide it's not much more expensive than going to the beach here in the USA. The guide will increase your chances of success dramatically, although there's satisfaction in finding and hooking a fish on your own.

DIY bonefishing is a hot topic right now and there are outfitters that put together budget trips for walk and wade. These can be totally on your own or assisted, meaning they drop you off from a boat or car, or give you a kayak. Eleuthera, Long Island, and Acklins all have these trips. These islands have more accessible walk/wade type flats than Andros. Just google DIY bonefishing. If I were doing this type of trip, I'd look real hard at Acklins.
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