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Default Hiwassee Bound-Is There A ChikFilet in Murphy, NC?

My radio partner, Squire Brock Ray (AKA "Brock Oh Bama") and I are headed to the Hiwassee near Murphy, NC. We are going there under the pretense of fishing, although the fact of the matter is we are headed there for respite from spousal abuse (on the receiving end of course…) and to review our current plans for world domination. We are seeking information on the following:

Is Murphy in a dry county?

If so, does anyone have contact info on any reputable bootleggers (not the guys that resell the government slosh)

Is there a decent cigar emporium in Murphy?

How likely are you to be checked for a fishing license in Hiwassee if you wade way out into the river?

Is there a cockfight planned within an hour or two of the town? I am low on hackles and have some good recipes for tough old roosters.

Any help is appreciated. Also, does anyone want in on paying for the gas for our trip. We have a Paypal account where you can transfer funds.
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