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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
I will leave with a positive thing the Clinch Chapter accomplished, they were able to persuade Donnie Scruggs to allow them to fix his bank and stabilize damage done by years of cattle entering and exiting the river. What was done worked and worked well, and for that they deserve credit.
I agree, that it has helped but have you noticed where TVA has ran so much water over the past 3 winters the water is starting to eat behind the rock cages that they put in? Next time you go by there look where the spring enters the river next to the picnic area. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Also spot on about the tire removal, ever year the Sulpher hatch gets worse.

I have one other question about the Clinch TU chapter, Why is so much effort put into Coal creek and cane creek trying to restore and clean up these waters? They aren't going to stop the mining going on up on the mountian, so whats the point? Why not focus time and effort else where? Might I recomend placing tires back into the river . Just saying.
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