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Originally Posted by benintenn View Post
I sincerely hope that with the new reservation system and backcountry rangers that are supposed to be funded will be able to alleviate some of this.

It won't. Two rangers won't make a difference, they will have to be 24/7 taking care of the AT which is where 99.9% of all the backcountry overcrowding issues exist. The maintenance of the backcountry sites (trash pickup, etc) is primarily done by volunteers. I tried to get set up with them this year but they only had 3 or 4 orientations and most of them were in the middle of the week, so I couldn't this year. Maybe next year. Maybe if you contact the adopt a campsite coordinator, they will notify whoever is responsible for 71 that it is time for some cleanup.

Again about the rangers, the reservation system isn't paying for them, that was just misinformation to get people on the side of an unnecessary system, (as per the internal emails about the planning of this released under a FOIA request) Friends of the Smokys and the Great Smoky Mountains Association had already committed to donate the money for the two rangers, the reservation system will simply pay for the reservation system and nothing more.

Sorry to go off on a rant there, I just feel the need to correct misinformation and false hopes when I see them. I love forney creek and hope to do another trip there real soon. Glad you caught some.
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