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Originally Posted by Joe Congleton View Post
There is virtually no active coal mining in either of the Coal Creel or Cane Creek watersheds. With the reclamation laws on mining and water discharges today blaming the Clinch issues in mining waste or mine water influences is an error
You are correct about there being no active mines, but a lot of research has been done that discovered tailings from abandoned strip mines around Vowell Mtn, that by all accounts drain into the headwaters of coal creek. This was to the best of my knowledge independent research, done mostly by groups with an agenda...something to keep in mind.

I'm not going to say if this affects the quality of water that enters the clinch, but my guess would be that agricultural & sewage run-off, as well as trash dumping affect the water quite a bit worse.

Sedimentation of the river is another issue. Strip Mines, active or not, would be a big factor in this regard.
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