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"555 looks" at this thread. Wonder what the main core thought when looking and reading.....with the exception of two posts, I would assume "would like to have been there, find a place like there and maybe talk to a person who has been there??

It began as a sharing of a feel good, great day!! Motivated by some who go out of their way to post likewise.(ifish4wildtrout, duckypaddler, chemeangler, DavisKnapp) etc.. It takes one to Know one and one who wants to be One!!

That day, still feels great and promise to not let anyone take that away or the compelling nature to share days like the start of this thread.

Took 2 yrs. to find this stream and 2 minutes to read a post that begs of being pulled into the circle. I felt your pain 2 yrs. ago. had to make a decision to sit behind this screen or get to a stream or talk to a person who knows of a stream as you've seen above. As you can see I chose the latter and recommend it as the path.

So.....David, I will continue to fish and post, grannyknot - please shoot me a cell number. I would like to speak with you.

Anyone else..I am happy to share any I have learned but enter this forum as a student first and always willing to assist and share with a fellow gentleman 2nd. Never to be critical or ganglandish against another that represents them self as a fellow on a stream............. that has been fished before or not!!


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