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Default You've got to be kidding me!!!

I haven't been on here all summer. Haven't fished all summer. Just thought I'd see what was happening in the fishing world while I fletched some arrows. I read Brecks report and thought it was a real good report. Glad to see some good reports still going on. I read Mora's post and figured it was sarcasm. But, sarcasm comes off very poorly on the wonderful world of the internet. Especially when it comes to eating poisonous mushrooms.

Then...... I read mcfly's post. I hunt, fish, hike, and generally spend most weekends in South Cherokee, (edit... I figured it out... and I'm an idiot). Not really sure what his problem is. .................(edit).................. I'd better quit typing before Paula gets involved.

Breck, like I said, nice report. Glad to see you're going to continue posting them.

See you all after hunting season.

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