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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
Cool report looks like fun. Two things... To people who want to be jerks about others reports, maybe your time is better spent on the other forum where no one cares about helping others, sharing info, and experiences and teaching newcomers and the only time anyone posts anything is to pad their own ego. The LRO forum has never been like this, thank god, and hopefully never will. Second, when you throw a hissy fit like a two year old because someone fishes where you like to, you end up drawing more attention to the spot than the report ever would have. It makes it look like you are to protect something and makes others who might not have been as interested curious as to what there is there to hide. So maybe if you really disapprove or stream being named it is better to just shut up and ignore than make a spectacle our of it.

Also suggesting that someone eat a poisonous mushroom is disgusting. Even if the poster knew it wasn't edible that not to say someone else could have made a tragic mistake based on your asinine delusion that a particular public stream is your private property. It was a totally despicable thing to do.
Here, here.........very well said sir............a shared resource.........especially when it pertains to new anglers...may well benefit us all..........if and only if........we conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly manner.............just my at will........
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