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Originally Posted by Varmitcounty View Post
I will have a handout packet that will provide a lot of information. I'll be sure to make a few extra sets so they will be available to anyone who cannot make it.

Thanks Marc........This may be happening in the grandfather mountain state park on my side of the mountain.........the rainbows may be removed in order to expand the territory of the brookies.......some of these brookies may be of different strains...........this is a biological situation that cannot be commented upon by someone as uneducated as myself........however, this will involve removing a substantial amount of what cost, I do not know.......I would prefer to educate myself..., engage in thoughtful, intelligent conversation, and procede forward. I look foward to any input that you or others may have. I remain neutral at this point, but I believe in an educated discussion, that leads to constructive policy. Thanks again.......
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