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Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
You should look these guys up then. They claim Lem was their great great uncle. Possibly a different side of the family from you?
I remember him telling my granddad and me about the Supreme Court Justices. We must've been up there relatively soon after that happened because it was fresh on his mind and he told his version of that story to us as if it was just "matter-of-fact" - he was quite adamant that he didn't want to talk to them. That was funny!

That was a long time ago and I remember that he just said it was some guys from Washington - didn't mention who it was. I know my granddad got a big kick out of it when he found out who they were. My grandfather was a real history buff -- (if you wanted to know anything about American history, the fall of the Roman Empire, or the Queen of Sheba then he was your man)

Not sure who owns that store. I'd say ol' Lem's got quite a few descendants. I know my great-great-grandmother died just before she turned 113 and had literally hundreds!

Right after I graduated highschool back in 1975, I was talking to a buddy of mine one day about the Smokies and hiking and hunting/fishing etc like we always did. Now we had been friends for a long, long time and had hiked all over the Smokies together and hunted together quite a bit. For some reason I started telling him about Lem and the fact that he still lived in the Park and all that. My friend stopped me and said, "Yeah, I know, he's my great uncle." I looked at him like he had two heads and said, "No, he's my great uncle." Turned out that he and I were 3rd cousins and didn't even know it. His grandmother was Lem's sister. Small World, huh?
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