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Default @ Cane Pole :)

Speaking of cousins...back soon after i graduated in 73, I noticed a beautiful blond from a neighboring school. That girl was "Hollywood Pretty" no joke and had a figure to match her beautiful face. I, along with about a hundred or so other guys used to chase after her, trying to impress her but never getting anywhere (thank you Jesus). I eventually lost track of her and after several years was preparing to move from Florida to Oklahoma for school. Before moving I had gone out shopping for a few clothes with my Mom and we happened upon a lady that had once been married to one of my Mom's cousins but had since, divorced him. As we spoke with this lady, she mentioned that her daughter "Linda" was there and should be somewhere close by...low and behold a few minutes later, "Linda" walked up and sure enough she turned out to be that beautiful blond, who was in fact my cousin.

A similar situation happened to my nephew one day when he brought his date home to meet the family and his mother, my sister recognized the "date" as one of our cousins.

Sorry for going off topic here, but I couldn't help but think back after reading about your cousin

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