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That story is right here:

Grannyknot, I've heard of Bartram's book. I'll check it out and thanks!

Robb, I'm going up there next time I'm out that way and just look. I know it's probably grown up now but I'm just curious.

You history buffs would enjoy coming to Southside VA and visiting me sometime. I live at the center of one of the largest plantations from the old south. Matter of fact the owner, James Bruce, is on record as the largest single slave owner in american history. What a distinction, right? Anyhow, the mansion burned in 1896, it was named Woodbourne, but, the over seer's house is still standing behind my house. The Bruce's cemetary is in my front yard, and there are slave graves all over our farm with the remains of the slave quarters foundations, old ice pits, and about 3 or 4 winters ago I found the blacksmith shop foundation. I knew this because I cleaned back the piles of leaves and rotting vegetation and found the base and outline of the firing kiln and a few tools almost rusted away.

Mr. Bruce's 2 sons each built greek revival style mansions, both of those are still in use. One you can Google and see, it's named Berry Hill and is about 10 miles from my home. It was sold and is a resort/ conference center. The other was Staunton View and it is still in the Bruce family now.
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