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Originally Posted by jeffnles1 View Post
It's odd that one man's game fish is another man's trash fish.

Guys fishing for stripers use trout as bait. Guys fishing for trout want to eliminate the stripers. Just kind of odd.

I live in Kentucky and don't fish the Clinch. I'm not taking sides here at all.

Jeff, that is the big problem here. I actually really enjoy fishing for both species but have never found good trout fishing to coexist with a great striper fishery. I believe that the decline of the Hiwassee coincided with stocking of stripers in Chickamauga and their subsequent trips up the HI as far as the powerhouse. I'm sure someone who has been around longer can verify that for sure. I know the past few years on the Caney have been a little tough on the trout scene and stripers are very active up and down the river. Too bad there is not some way to limit the stripers to the lower end of these great trout tailwaters. Obviously the trout and stripers can coexist to some extent, but the trout fishery will definitely not be as good as it can with the stripers around...
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