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Sign me up!

I'll bring the grill and the beer!

BTW. I wouldn't eat a striper from BELOW Melton Hill dam if you paid me! above it or out of Norris well then it's GRILL ON!

$1,800,000 (150,000 fishermen x $trout stamp) spent by trout fishermen in TN to supply or manage a trout fisheries program by way of a TROUT STAMP. $ 0.00 spent on STRIPER STAMPS. Why not kill an invasive species in a river managed for trout?

I do the same for coyotes. They cause an estimated 30% mortality among deer herds. If you manage a resource on the revenues raised by selling a "right" to fish or hunt for a given species, then an invasive species moves in.....that species should be eliminated.

One question. Where would the Great Lakes fisheries (along with all the money raised for license/food/lodgeing/guides) and all the unbelievable tributary fisheries be today IF the DNR of the surrounding states had ideally sat by and allowed the lamphrey to continue to spread?

I would love for TWRA to come shock and sample the stripers out of the Clinch River and prove me wrong that they are there and they are not eating the trout we paid for.
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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