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Fellas Fellas Fellas

Didn't I mention that there was NO shortage of trout caught that day?

While I'm certain the stripers eat quite a few trout in the particular area we fished Saturday they were NOT occupying the same water as each species is looking for different habitat during the warm weather.

These were mostly LARGE stripers that NEED cool water to survive now so their primary reason for being in that particular spot was temperature not food.

I would like to go again this saturday and see where the stripers go on two generators; as on one generator and at low flow they were not in the trout waters as we would have easily seen them. I'm certain however that any trout that traveled through the holding lie would be taking a big risk.

While living in Maine for 25 years I caught tens of thousands of stripers on fly tackle; easy 100 fish days on sea run fish in the Kennebec River with triple hook-ups in my boat all day long.

These fish ought to be catchable HERE on fly tackle under the correct conditions like two generators; they more aggressive and feed better on moving water and are a bit less fussy as they must make a faster decision to take the fly.

Once I crack the code on them HERE and reliably hook them you will all want to catch them as a GAMEFISH.

STRIPERS ON THE FLY IN A RIVER IS THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON, (though I never tried it naked just for the record). Shawn would like object to me fishing naked anyway and I hate to get snagged by a 4/0 hook in the wrong place.

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