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This has been an interesting topic. I'm kind of suprised we haven't discussed this before considering I remember stripers near the jail as far back as the mid 90s. I was told that populations are so high in the clinch because a lot of fish escape from eagle bend fish hatchery....If this is true, how in the world does that happen? Same guy told me that stripers have never intentionally been stocked in Melton Hill. Yet, TWRA has established a 2 fish limit, as well as a slot for them in Melton Hill. Basically an invasive species that gets special regulations if all that is true. I guess the same can be said about the wild hogs in the mountains.

I don't know about grilling them, but if anyone can find some private property on the river to do this, i'll bring 2 large propane burners, pans, & oil.
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