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Originally Posted by Fishstu View Post
No Hackel - -

I'm curious about your trip - - especially places you fished. My wife and I are going to be in Teton / Yellowstone in mid-September; staying at Grant Village.

We are considering a 1/2 day drift on the Snake with either Mangis Fishing Guide Service or Jackson Hole Anglers. I was out there about 5 years ago with my son and took a 1/2 day drift on the Snake with Mangis - - great time, great weather, some impressive wildlife (not to mention the incredible scenery) and some nice-sized Snake River cutts to-hand.

Fished a couple smaller streams in Teton (the one I recall as I sit here without my journal, was Cottonwood Creek), with some success.

Any suggestions on streams or where on the Snake you (or anyone else for that matter, who reads this post) fished would be welcomed.

Also, I printed Mike's list of suggested "eateries" - - very helpful - - thanks, Mike!

Sorry for the non-report. But yes I fished the Snake near Moose. It fished very well Find some slow water and you'll find fish. I only got to fish it for 3 hours because they sent my rods to seattle instead Jackson. That took a whole day from me. I really wished I could have fished the Gros Ventre. It has really good access. Back to the Snake. Ifished a large Yellow stone with a Uncle Jack dropper and caught 4 or five fish. My son and wife caught up with me and we fished the right bank looking up river @ moose. Lots of fish here. Wished we could have fished the whole thing,but a very bad thunder storm rolled through and it was time anyway to head to Yellowstone.
As far as the eateries for sure check out Bubbas and the Bunnery. They were our Favorites. We werent disappointed with anywhere we ate.
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