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Flat Fly In

Not to be argumentative or anything BUT.... I beg to differ on the COLD water analysis; none of these fish was less than 30 inches and most much larger.

Were we to go to Cherokee or anywhere else to fish large stripers NOW in east TN we would find them in COLD water as these large fish cannot tolerate warm water at their given size.

The large Stripers being caught in the lakes NOW are deep in cold water and most people fail to realize that they will likely die and sink after release NOW.

Smaller stripers and hybrids can tolerate the warm water better than these monsters.

That said I would agree that on generating flows these particular fish likely go on the prowl for trout. Large stripers prefer feeding on moving water when they can get it. In the lakes here Striper fishing is a whole different game as I'm am accustomed to either fishing them in a moving river OR on a tide change; preferably the "out going" tide.

While Maine HAD zillions of Schoolies there were plenty of 28 inch plus fish to be caught; the ticket to catching them in the river was always moving water and structure.

I have seen a few You Tube videos of guys catching huge stripers on the watauga river just up from Boone. It looked like a generating flow.

What we all need to do is position ourselves in boats on the generating flow on the Clinch; observe the feeding zone and have a good time catching these beasts!

Been too busy and tired all week to tie on 4/0 hooks but perhaps tomorrow and then I need a new battery for my boat so perhaps next weekend I will catch some.
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