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Smile Glad you were finally able to get out

Looks like you had a great time catching fish and hanging with your honey

One thing is apparent from your report though - You need to put those grandparents to work more often, and maybe need to restock your fly box. Also a camera would be nice

I myself have been blessed to spend 5 of the last 8 days in the Park and have been grinning ear to ear

My poor wife was about at her breaking point last night after a long day taking the twins to Johnson City to visit family. Sam was throwing a tantrum for the umpteen time, and she looked over at me like she was going to lose it. I just smiled and grabbed Sam, and told her to take a well deserved break. She jealously looked over at me to which I could only resond, "The Smokies has refreshed my soul, and you need to get up there more with me. I feel like I can pretty much deal with anything right now"

Get back out there soon, you won't regret it. And I can remember my first 5 years of home ownership were filled with tons of projects to improve the house. The next 5 years were filled with projects to minimize upkeep, and to get me more time in the Smokies
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