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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
Glad you were able to get out Travis! Someone needs to keep all those trout occupied for me until I can come home to visit...
My wife and I stopped by Little River Trading Company on the way home, and they were having an "End of Summer Clearance Sale". As I was walking out I said, "I need to text David and let him know. Oh wait, he is in Colorado."

They had some good stuff on sale for 30% off too. Big Agnes Bags, Pads, Tents, etc. Apparently Big Agnes is changing colors again, and therefore all things must go!

Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Looks like you had a great time catching fish and hanging with your honey

One thing is apparent from your report though - You need to put those grandparents to work more often, and maybe need to restock your fly box. Also a camera would be nice

I myself have been blessed to spend 5 of the last 8 days in the Park and have been grinning ear to ear

My poor wife was about at her breaking point last night after a long day taking the twins to Johnson City to visit family. Sam was throwing a tantrum for the umpteen time, and she looked over at me like she was going to lose it. I just smiled and grabbed Sam, and told her to take a well deserved break. She jealously looked over at me to which I could only resond, "The Smokies has refreshed my soul, and you need to get up there more with me. I feel like I can pretty much deal with anything right now"

Get back out there soon, you won't regret it. And I can remember my first 5 years of home ownership were filled with tons of projects to improve the house. The next 5 years were filled with projects to minimize upkeep, and to get me more time in the Smokies
Good for you (on getting out and voluntarily giving the wife a break). I have found that such a small gesture can typically eliminate any frustration she may have developed throughout a week of taking care of kids while I am on a business trip. And keep a marriage healthy.

I agree, it is definitely very rejuvenating. And having a wife that enjoys being out there with me is truly a blessing.

My cheap Olympus crapped out on me after my son used it to take about a million pictures of each of his hotwheels, legos, etc. I took my D90, but left it with the wife while I was fishing expecting her to take pictures of whatever. She never even took it out of the case.... I borrowed my inlaws P&S, but was so unimpressed with the picture quality I didn't post any. I am actually searching for a good replacement small camera that has manual control functionality. I may start another thread in a few days about that in the photography section.

I was just looking to get out with my wife and test out some new gear I recently purchased (Osprey Stratos 24), and maybe catch a few fish on the side. I would call it a huge success!

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