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We have not fished there in October but I have been there late in September. The fishing always seems to be good on the Missouri. Overall the torut average a little bigger then elsewhere in my opinion, but bare in mind most people don't think much of my opinion! My wife and I decided not to go out West this year. I was really looking forward to taking my drift boat and staying at Craig. While dries work you may find yourself indicator fishing a lot of the time. Flies like small Czech nymphs, small bead head soft hackle, fireflies and the like. The normal program is to use about a 4X leader with several small split shot a couple of feet above the fly. A dropper is tied on with about 5X tippet. It is not uncommon in my experience to have the indicator about 4 or 5 ft above the fist fly. I have a feeling this setup will normally always catch fish. It is not a bad idea if you are drifting to have two rods set up. One with the indactor rig and second with dries. This is what I normally do. As I said it seems to me the fish average larger in the Missouri, this is especially true above Craig to the dam, then elsewhere. They seem to fight harder too. Our best fish has been a 26 inch golden brown my wife landed. Best of luck.
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