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Thanks guys! I appreciate the info. Mstone, streamers are going to be my go to fly, i'm really comfortable using them and probably the only flies that i will take out there that are my own original type patterns or variations of kelly galloup's flies . I've been fishing articulated streamer patterns a lot on the Clinch this year with some great results! So i'm hoping for the same out there, hopefully the trout will feel the same way. Bill, i have spoke a few times to Mark on the phone, super nice guy with tons of information, can't wait to meet him. We'll be staying I think directly across from HH at one of the cabins in the craig trout camp and Izaak's will be our primary source of food, glad to hear it tastes good, they also mentioned a taco stand we could eat breakfast at so i guess we'll be trying that as well. Trico, as for the size of the fish ill take your word on it, 26' is big any day in my book! hopefully we can try to catch our share of those 20+ inch trout. My soon to be wife one upped me this last fall in the park fishing the post spawn browns when she reeled in a 23' brown, my best so far is 22' on the Clinch. Hopefully we can set some personal bests out there, if not from what i've heard is pretty accurate to your description of strong fish that on average larger than most trout found in other streams. thanks for the advice on set ups and ill make sure to spend ample time up towards the dam.


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