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Originally Posted by Birdman View Post
I'll be fishing somewhere around 4500 ft. plus the last week of September in the smokies. I don't have enough experience to know if I will need waders then or not. Will the water be cold enough to warrant packing the waders in?
My stance is about 180 from the other guys: if it is too hot to wear my Chota Hippies, it is probably too hot to be fishing. One of my best purchases from LRO, ever..

I never regret the weight added to my pack. They roll up small enough to fit inside my wading boots. Hippies provide much more mobility than waist high waders, let alone chest waders. The ability to roll them down to a slim profile to cool off when temperatures do climb a bit is just icing on the cake. I should mention that I don't like wading at all without the ankle support and grip that wading boots provide; so the additional ounces of added weight just aren't much. For people that can get by without wading boots, the weight difference would be considerably different and maybe wet wading would make more sense.

A lighter yet, and less expensive -- though less durable alternate would be knee-high sealskinz socks. If used solely for wading, durability might not be an issue. However I had a pair of sealskinz wear out after 2 hiking trips. (admittedly long miles and probably not what they are designed for)


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