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Well thanks for your insight fellas on the POOP issue but you do need nutrient to make bugs and for all I know water temperature has much to do with what bugs can survive or thrive in the Clinch compared to the soho.

I might mention that the Kennebec and other rivers in MAINE are cold; it's a cold place and in the winter they get "anchor ice" which is where the river freezes right down into the river bottom and they still get bitchin hatches.

Same with out West; really cold water in the Rockies and awesome hatches.

Would sure like to know if data exists on average temperatures of TN's various tailwaters. Same with water chemistry and POOP/nutrient.

Seems to me that I shiver in the Soho but not in the Clinch.

One thing I know for certain is that despite few TWRA people patrolling, stripers etc there are certainly a lot of trout dumped into the Clinch... so I won't bitch at TWRA too much.

I will refrain from comment on the local TU Chapter as I know none of the folks involved or much about all that has gone on before now.

I will say it is a shame though that a bunch of folks cannot seem to group effectively together to be advocates of this awesome resource...
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