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Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
...who knows! heck, all I need is one more species to waste my time tying 20 patterns to.
Is that not why fly tying is all about?
Lack of TWRA presence up and down the river is my concern. I HAVE NEVER BEEN CHECKED ON THAT RIVER AND I HAVE FISHED IT SINCE 1986! Now there I said it.....Heck you could probably use blasting caps on a Saturday above the weir and never get questioned.

From my understanding; this will be changing soon with the addition of a new jet boat.

Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
One thing to note; New river, and any of the other streams that form in Scott county or the plateau where various forms of mining occur have zero impact on the Clinch. Those are entirely different watersheds and could not pose any threats to the Clinch. Currently there is no active mining in the Clinch watershed and the old mines have far surpassed an age of causing any issues.
I should have clarified my quote in my original post. Yes the watersheds are completely different systems. However; they lay in close proximity and are generally similar. For Instance; in my opinion-The Big South Fork is in bad shape with heavy metals and acidic runoff. I believe the mountains that drain in to the Clinch are currently being promoted and used as 4-wheeling trails. Also; there are numerous oil and gas wells in place. We need to put thoughtful consideration in how these are and will affect the lower lands in the future. Not that they cannot coexist peacefully with cooperation and monitoring.

Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post

John Thurman has done and knows more about the benthic population then anyone, has narrowed the list down to about 3 variances of sulphurs, 1 caddis, and the little black stones. Other then the midges, scuds, and sowbugs there is nothing that appears to be able to survive the temps.

Jim, I believe you may be looking at this issue at face value. I have put in thousands of hours over the past few years on the Clinch and found a great variety of benthic life. I am working on my own macro spreadsheet with pictures and fly patterns at the moment. One bug that I think many fly fishermen overlook is that of beetle larva. Also; there are the potentially hazardous aquatic worms in the Coal Creek Influx.

*I forgot to note that multiple selections can be selected in the poll.
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