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Another thing to consider is the body of water that is feeding the Clinch. Norris Lake is almost to clean. Ultra clean super cold water coming in limits the numbers and growth of bugs which in turn lowers the growth of the fish.

Honestly, I haven't fished the Clinch since March and will probably not go back until November or December. To crowded to really enjoy and the quality of the fish just can't match what I can find on the Holston or South Holston. I cut my teeth on the Clinch, but it ain't the same Clinch anymore.

If what has been stated about the Clinch TU Chapter is true, then they perhaps should engage in a restructuring of what the think and how they attack the issue. As I have learned in recent weeks, with proper leadership and funding, a lot can be done if they are willing to do the work to enact change. I am a member of the Little River Chapter now, but if they wanted to me to get involved, I would put my hands to work if it seemed that they were organized and had a static game plan.
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