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No offense meant to anyone who is a member of the Clinch Chapter, but seeing how I was one a handful of people who founded the chapter I will proudly say I disavowed them sometime ago.

They took radical views that were not in tune with normal conservation views and sided with the bait slinger crowd known as LUCRO who spear headed the movement to remove the quality zone. The straw which broke their back was when they again sided on the side of the bait slingers and protested the current slot limits.

They have stood in the way of progress on the river for a good while now, and the only thing TU about them is their name.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but mine doesn't agree with yours, Waterwolf. There are two sides to every story; the quality zone issue is long, involved and sordid. And I don't want this to become a battle about that old fight, but there were some very questionable practices that went into its enactment, which is why the Clinch River Chapter didn't agree with it.

As to them being TU in name only, perhaps you are unaware of their excellent fly tying class held each year, or their outreach programs to attract youth to the sport in the form of a week long school at Tremont.

Personally, I think they embody what a Trout Unlimited chapter should be.

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