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Originally Posted by Paula Begley View Post
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but mine doesn't agree with yours, Waterwolf. There are two sides to every story; the quality zone issue is long, involved and sordid. And I don't want this to become a battle about that old fight, but there were some very questionable practices that went into its enactment, which is why the Clinch River Chapter didn't agree with it.

As to them being TU in name only, perhaps you are unaware of their excellent fly tying class held each year, or their outreach programs to attract youth to the sport in the form of a week long school at Tremont.

Personally, I think they embody what a Trout Unlimited chapter should be.

There was a bunch of spin thrown out during the QZ debate that would remind all of us what goes on daily during our national political races. All of the BS about not contacting landowners, ramming it through in the middle of the night etc etc, was just that it was BS. Fortunately I was involved in the process and none of that stuff occurred.

What happened was, none of the bait slingers were paying attention and TWRA passed a law which they didnt agree with.

Thus came the threat of a Private Act by the slingers to make their own laws, and TWRA back down.

That is the short version.

About the Clinch Chapter....I do not consider fly tying classes part of a conservation organization. Maybe great for a fly fishing club, but a conservation organization should focus on conservation, and not recreational activities.

One of their esteemed board members with the initials of B.S. has had numerous fiery run ins on the Clinch where he was openly violating the slot, and boasting about it in public. That is not a characteristic of a conservation organization.

The simple fact they were absent on the push to help support TWRA and the new slot limit is all the evidence it should take to illustrate where their loyalties are, and that they do not seem to care one iota about the health or future of the Clinch.
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