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Originally Posted by Paula Begley View Post
I said I didn't want this to turn into a battle about that, Waterwolf.

The point I was trying to subtly make is I don't want you (or anyone else) bashing the Clinch River Chapter on this forum. Now, is that clear enough? Stop it. You have your opinion. I don't share it. Move on, please. Capisce?

If this keeps coming up, this topic will be removed; that would be a shame because the issues that face the Clinch should be discussed. And they can be, without bashing the Clinch River Chapter, or any of its members, or rehashing the past. When the question was asked, you could just as easily have said, "I don't know what the Clinch River stand would be, maybe if they have members on here they'll chime in." Your comments were unnecessary. Both times.

Understood, and this has hijacked a good topic where real issues were being discussed.

Just one thing that should be said. Maybe an open air conversation should be had and maybe changes can occur to have a valuable ally to help the Clinch moving forward. If all of this is kept hush hush, then nothing will ever change.

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