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Soo,, Striper are new to our Tailwaters?? I remember some absolutely banner Trout years on many of our tailwaters (with special emphasis on the Cumberland river in KY). The TN state record Striper came from the lake below Wolf Creek dam and I can tell you with authority that large schools of Striper have been moving though that river system all the way to the Dam for many, many, years. Were they just dieting back then?? Why you guys would kill such a hard fighting and wonderful sport fish because you think they are responsible for a declining fishery is beyond me. It reminds me of the Salem witch hunts. The entity's that are controlling the water through our dams, and the construction projects (Caney and Cumby) or lack of construction projects (Emory River) is what's doing the most damage to our MANY Fishery's health. Where's the outrage over that??

Before you keep promoting the unethical practices and thinking you're making a change,, (hey they only stocked 400,000 Striper in many of the lakes in tn in 2011) you should consider that there are alot of Striper and wanna be Striper fishermen out there. So don't be surprised when they take the same attitude towards trout as you do with Striper.

Yes, I've caught my share of Trout and trophy Striper on the fly and I can certainly speak on the subject with plenty of experience to backe it up.

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