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Mike comparing the clinch with the Cumberland or the Caney is apples and oranges.

The Cumberland is vastly longer and larger than the Clinch and so is the Caney.

The Clinch being only 13 miles long makes it a much easier place for stripers to target trout.

Also the Cumberland and Caney both support large shad populations which take the pressure off the trout. The Clinch has no shad population at all, and the stripers feed 100% on trout.

Basically your opinion would be great if the river systems were even comparable.

As many like me have said over and over, we like stripers, but stripers who live where their only food source is a game fish and an expensive one at that, they have to go.

I would love to hear what is unethical about killing and eating a legally caught legal limit of fish. Calling that unethical is quite a stretch.
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