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Originally Posted by Mike_Anderson View Post
My post was directed at the notion that the two can't co exist. They have been for many years. It just so happens that trout are fragile little gems that don't tolerate water quality issues, Striper simply don't have that problem. The biggest hit to our Trout stocking this year happened at the DH hatchery. I haven't heard much complaining about that.

I guess I've just heard so many excuses for our "artificial" Trout fisheries suffering (Otters, Osprey, Heron, too much water, too little water, too low DO, Didymo, silt, too warm water, too cold water, too drastic temp change, striper, grout, understocking, bait dunkers, foul hooking, bucket brigades, yada yada. ) that I've become jaded. I honestly think if you could go to any tailwater and catch 5 20"ers every trip people would still complain. Again, this isn't meant to be inflammatory.
In the Clinch the two can't coexist, that is a fact. Again, since you missed it earlier, there is NOTHING but trout for food for them in the Clinch, period. I have cleaned about 70 stripers over the past 3 years and the least amount of trout in one's stomach was 9.

It is naive to think they have no impact on the fishery, especially when combined with a very liberal 7 fish limit for humans with zero enforcement.

As long as a resource has the potential that the Clinch does and it is not being fully realized then there is reason to want the best out of what we have in this state. Settling for mediocre is unacceptable, especially when small tweaks could result in major beneficial impacts.

Again stripers are fine in areas where the food source keeps their sights off of the gamefish community. However, in areas where gamefish are the only prey base, then they must die, and I personally will continue to slaughter each one which I can get my hands on, until they exist no more in the Clinch.

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