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Originally Posted by ifish4wildtrout View Post
I am also interested in a report on the stove. I love my little stove, but i do hate carrying fuel cans. Like you said, I carry one that's not full and not sure how much fuel is left, so I take another just in case...
It's really easy to weigh you fuel can and estimate how much fuel you have left. That stove looks more like a gimmic to me. The fact that it's over 2 pounds kind of kills the weight saving of carrying fuel, plus if he is carrying wax sticks on top of that.

My whole kitchen set-up weighs less than half and looks like it is much better set up for the conditions to the Smokies.

Caldera cone 1.5 oz
Small lighter - .4 oz
Fire starter stick - .4 oz
Salt & pepper shaker .6 oz
Bottle of oil 1 oz
12-10 alcohol stove - .5 oz
Pot holder 1.2 oz
Small towel - .3 oz
AGG 3 cup alum pot 2.5 oz
Lid 1.3 oz
Insulated Ziploc cup 2.5 oz
Insulation for pot - .8 oz
Stuff sack - .5 oz
Lexan fork & spoon - .7 oz
14.2 oz 0.888 pounds
Plus the 4.9 ounces of alcohol

Even when you look at my gas can set-up (when you need to simmer, fry, not just boil water, I believe the whole set up comes in at under 2 pounds)

Amazon had a I-phone charger for $6 including shipping that can fully charge phone 2-3 timesand only weighs 3-4 ounces.

There are many lighweight alternatives that while they don't have a fan or charger if you really want to use wood to cook

I hope you like you new toy

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