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There are 2 lakes, Buggs Island Reservoir VA and Santee Cooper SC, that are able to contain a self sustained population of land locked Stripers. One of the main criteria that have to be met are for there to be a continuous flow of river to allow 48 hours for the roe to free float to arrive at the static water before hatching. I live on Buggs Island and nearby we have the Vic Thomas hatchery where they supply the majority of stocker Stripers to the rest of the U.S. They exchange these with other states for various other species to stock here in VA. They don't put any Stipers back in here.
As far as temp, they like colder water, but, the surface temp now is at 76 F and they crash the points for Threadfin Shad in the evenings so they tolerate warmer water just fine.
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