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Default As my dear Mom would say,

"Whell" after a borderline contentious disagreement between me and my siblings. The idea of discussing improvements to the Clinch is a large idea and I thank Shawn for placing it on the table. I sponsor a fly fishing club at a local school. We have 12 members, we talk about conservation as well as casting, tying, and entomology. I plan to take them to the Clinch next month.
These kids and others like them are the future of the sport we love. Their involvement will determine the future of our sport.
We need, for our kids, to have this discussion on a civil level. Shawn, you put it on the table and perhaps we should pursue it. You can be the drum major, I'll be in the band.
I'm a member of Clinch River T.U. they're great guys. Glad they let me in.
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